cameran album v1.3.1

cameran album v1.3.1

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cameran album v1.3.1

Organize, style, edit, and protect your photo collections!
A free app for theming photo albums is finally here!

Photo organization by album and date,
stylish customizations,
album security,
photo sharing,
free online backup without limitation,

are just some of the functionalities you will love.

"cameran album" is an all-in-one album app created and improved while gathering surveys from 1000 participants!

Main functions

- Organize photos-
All the helpful functionalities to organize photos
гЂЂгѓ»Automatically group photos by date
гЂЂгѓ»Option to automatically group photos according to how you organized them in the device's Photos app
гЂЂгѓ»Lets you choose an album's cover photo
гЂЂгѓ»Lets you rearrange albums

- Customize with skins -
Personalize albums by choosing from the wide (and growing) variety of stylish skins
гЂЂгѓ»More than 20 available skins you can use for free!
гЂЂгѓ»Creating stylish albums is easy!

- Album sharing -
Share photos as much as you like!
гЂЂгѓ»Post photos to Facebook and group them by album.
гЂЂгѓ»Upload photos and videos all at once then send a URL link to your friends.
гЂЂгѓ»Send photos to a friend nearby using Shake-to-share .
гЂЂгѓ»Send photo and video to dropbox, line, Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.

- Security -
Hide your secret albums for that time you want to show off photos from your device.
гЂЂгѓ»Secure albums will not be displayed unless a passcode is entered.

We will keep adding more helpful functionalities and new skins !
Try cameran album now!
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