City Island: Winter Edition v2.20.2

City Island: Winter Edition v2.20.2

Rating: 4
City Island: Winter Edition v2.20.2

If you are familiar with our game City Island, or if you played games like CityVille before, this new 'sim city style in the snow' edition is definitely something you need to try and play for free!

In City Island: Winter Edition you will be responsible for building a city on this cold and snowy Island instead of the exotic paradise of City Island. Build houses for your citizens and create jobs with commercial buildings to earn money. At the same time, be sure to build enough decorations and community buildings to keep them happy. If you succeed, maybe Santa Claus will visit your city someday!

Gameplay in this edition is the similar to the original City Island, but with the winter season ahead of us, this city building game with snowflakes dropping from the sky, provides you a completely new user experience.

In this romantic scenery, simulate a wonderful virtual city with a choice of approximately 100 unique buildings, like hotels, cinema's, offices, bakeries, restaurants, and even an oil platform. Catch some fish with your boats in the docks, make people happy by building schools, churches, parks, museums, libraries and much more. Furthermore, share codes with your friends in the community and be rewarded with extra cash and gold! A mini simulation of life on an island in its best form!

Try this free builder game now and enjoy many hours of free play!

- Tycoon and simcity features
- Tablet support
- More advanced, than a regular farm game