Electrical calculations v3.2.4

Electrical calculations v3.2.4

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Electrical calculations v3.2.4

This app is essential for an electrician

Calculation of section
Calculation of voltage drop
Calculation of intensity
Calculation of voltage
Calculation of active power
Calculation of apparent power [PRO]
Calculation of reactive power [PRO]
Calculation of resistance
Conversion Hp/KW
Calculation of capacitor for single-phase motor
Conversion AWG/mmq
Code resistors with 4 colors
Code resistors with 6 colors [PRO]
Code inductor [PRO]
Show colors resistor from its value
Fuses [PRO]
Sum of resistors
Sum of capacitors [PRO]
Resistance to reduce voltage
Resistance for led
Power factor correction [PRO]
Calculation rpm motor [PRO]
Calculation of short circuit current [PRO]
Current carrying capacity of cables [PRO]
Table of resistivity [PRO]
Battery life [PRO]
Electrical symbols [PRO]
Fault current of strings [PRO] (by: Ing. Arnaldo Armida)
IP Protection Classes
Conversion О”-Y [PRO]
Antenna length [PRO]
Conversion cm/inch
Electricity around the World
Joule Effect [PRO]
Wiring color codes
Ethernet wiring (RJ-45) [PRO]
Pinout RJ-11,14,25,48 [PRO]
Pinout Scart [PRO]
Pinout USB [PRO]
Pinout HDMI [PRO]
Pinout VGA [PRO]
Pinout DVI [PRO]
Pinout RS-232 [PRO]
Pinout Sata [PRO]
Pinout Molex [PRO]
Pinout GPIO Raspberry [PRO]
Pinout ISO 10487 (Car audio) [PRO]
Pinout XLR [PRO]

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Others languages:
- Italian (by Ettore Gallina)
- Français (by Yves Tschantz)
- Espanol (by Marcela Rodriguez)
- Portoguese (by JosГ© Machacaz, Moacir Carvalho)
- Arabic (by Ghassan Al_dahab)
- Polish (by RaV)
- Deutsch (by Diego Maggi, Claudio Ruffino)
- Greek (by Tasos Pergantis)
- Latvian (by Witold Džeriņš)
- Romanian (by Lucian Voica, Cristi Duta)
- Turkish (by Emrah HARMANBAЕћI)
- Russian (by Leonid Tsvetinovich, Vasiliy Bolshakov)
- Dutch (by Ilyahoo Proshel)
- Magyar (by OlГЎh-SzЕ‘nyi Csaba)
- Croatian (by Pero Razović)
- Malay (by Nazrul Afdhal)
- Persian (by Behnam Eskandariun, Ahmad Tahmasebi)
- Lithuanian (by Arturas Kalasunas)
- Simplified Chinese (by Xingwang Cao)
- Serbian (by Saša Fišić)

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