Azar-Video Chat&Call,Messenger v2.2.4

Azar-Video Chat&Call,Messenger v2.2.4

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Azar-Video Chat&Call,Messenger v2.2.4

We help you explore the people of the world and be a global citizen in the comfort of your own home. Swipe away as you roam from Japan to Argentina, New York to Barcelona, not enough? Keep swiping and we will place you in different cities around the world, video chat with other Azar netizens! Expose yourself to different cultures and languages instead of sitting at home doing nothing!

Meeting someone with video chat is as simple as a single swipe. Swipe and meet, that is all you have to do.

Once you have found someone interesting to talk to, simply add your friend at the top right of the screen. You can then access your friend list for video callback and text messaging. That way, you can continue building these valuable relationships within Azar video chat.

At Azar video chat, we believe in video messaging because it is the fastest way of communication. Why waste time reading user profiles after profiles, when you can have a direct conversation with the other person, pick up facial expressions and read their body language? No longer do you have to wonder the ambiguity from text based communication, or be disappointed by the person not living up to their wonderfully crafted profile. Get to the real substance by having real conversations. And if this is not the right person for you? It is simple, swipe to the left, and next person awaits.

The Azar team takes pride in the product and the friendly community that we build. As such, any violations against our policies will be taken seriously. Any offensive, misbehaviors in our community will lead to having your account suspended. In addition to our peer monitoring system, our customer service team works 24 hours, 7 days a week to confirm and take actions on violators. Furthermore, facial recognition technologies and automated blocking systems are being put in the works to ensure the highest of quality in user experiences. It should be noted that all reports are confirmed and double checked by customer service managers to avoid banning accidental reports and innocent users. Users may refer to our Facebook page ( for details of our house rules.

Please continue your support for Azar video chat, and we will keep building to your friend discovery needs! Share with your friends, and please review and like us on FB.

в?… "A fascinating experiment in instant intimacy. You just never know when you might meet hand of destiny." - review of Appszoom
в?… 1 million users in 10 week !! It is as fast as Instagram! (Currently with 4 million Google Play users, 7 million total users)
в?… Ranked as the number 1 most downloaded app in Taiwan

Features in simple:
- Friend discovery through video chats over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi.
- Add your new friends to friends list.
- Free text messages with friends list.
- Free video calls with friend list.
- Filters to adjust friend discovery criteria (regional vs global).
- Easy signin with Facebook or create new account quickly.

Features in detail:
- Chat history - Swipe from left to right to see your recent video chats with your friends.
- Friends list - Add all the cool people to your friend list. Now you can build, and manage your Friends list from all the different Azar folks you have video chatted with.
- Video call & Messaging - Simply send text messages & video calls to all of your new friends to stay in touch.

Premium service:
- You may either purchase Azar gems in our item shop, or earn gems by helping customer service team the Azar community by reporting abuse
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♥ Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection.
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