Turbo Editor ( Text Editor ) v1.7.1

Turbo Editor ( Text Editor ) v1.7.1

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Turbo Editor ( Text Editor ) v1.7.1

Simple, Powerful and Open Source Text Editor for Android. Built following the latest Android Guidelines to make the experience the most intuitive on the Store, also on Tablets!

∙ Turbo Editor Supercharges Your Device’s Text Editing Functionality
- XDA http://goo.gl/z90cmM

в€™ Turbo Editor Is a Powerful Text Editor With Syntax Highlighting
- LifeHacker.com http://goo.gl/Ced1PK

в€™ Turbo Editor gives file editing a much needed boost
- AndroidCommunity.com http://goo.gl/cVkCd4

в€™ Turbo Editor App Fits Your Text Editing Functionality on Smartphone and Tablet
- http://goo.gl/P0f4mu

∙ Mächtiger Text Editor für Android im Material Design
- TabletCommunity.de http://goo.gl/JYrMRB

в€™ Turbo File Editor fГјr Android bietet Syntax-Highlighting und mehr
- mobiflip.de http://goo.gl/GYhoU0

∙ App Turbo Editor promete otimizar a edição de arquivos no Android
- TudoCelular.com http://goo.gl/hkkr4t

в€™ Turbo Editor: Um dos melhores editores de cГіdigo para Android
- http://goo.gl/EUFZqA

Best Features
в?… Completely Open Source text editor
в?… Super cool theme with Material Icons
в?… Optimized for both Smartphones and Tablets
в?… Support for every type of text files
в?… Root features
в?… Syntax Highlight for HTML, XHTML, CSS, LESS, JS, PHP, PYTHON and many other languages
в?… Support for Undo & Redo
в?… Line Numbers
в?… The Encoding is Auto-Detected but you can also edit it
в?… Option to wrap the content if text is too large
в?… Create files and folders a inside the app
в?… Search files and folders
в?… View the result on the web
в?… Translated in many languages (a special thanks to all the translators!)
в?… Movable on the SD card
в?… Samsung Multiview support
And much more!

Do you want to contribute?
в€™ Report an Issue on the Github page https://github.com/vmihalachi/turbo-editor/issues
в€™ Translate the App http://j.mp/TurboCrowdin
в€™ Be a part of the Turbo Text Editor community http://j.mp/TurboEditorCommunity
в€™ Do you like the app? Please comment and share on Twitter, Google Plus or wherever you like. Thanks!

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Other links
в€™ XDA-Developers thread http://goo.gl/eqfyQE
в€™ Reddit http://goo.gl/wnt8o0

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