Personal Launcher v3.4

Personal Launcher v3.4

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Personal Launcher v3.4

A custom launcher for Android devices that allows to create a multiple user accounts with password-protected. This handy app is designed to restrict access; the administrator decides which group/user can use which features and apps. They can also set time limits for particular users, deny them internet access etc.

This app is ideal for devices used by more than one person, parental control, enterprise people, School, businesses like restaurants, kiosks and internet centers etc.

в–  Features

• Default �Guest’ account. Sign out of your account before handing your device to others
• Your kids addicted to games? Decide how many hours they can use the device for or disallow them from using certain apps
• Customize user accounts by assigning a photo. Add / Delete users, by pressing add button / by long pressing the user respectively.
• Support for recovery password pin
• Can be integrated with any client businesses/office users/ device vendors to log in with their corporate log-in ID (Contact us)
• E-mail queries to:

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Note : If an application is shared between two or more users, the data will be shared between the users.
Default Recovery PIN : 0000
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