Hacker's Theme CM11 / PA v1

Hacker's Theme CM11 / PA v1

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Hacker's Theme CM11 / PA v1

// Awesome and completely usable theme;
// First 100 buyers get it at a discounted(launch price);

//Important: This theme requires your device to be rooted with the latest Cyanogenmod 11 theme chooser; Also works on PA 4.4+, Mahdi and other roms with the new theme engine;

// Focuses on usability and giving users a nice experience;

public class Features
Watch Dogs City homeScreen/lockScreen wallpaper;
Deeply themed Non Intrusive UI;
Colorful but mature UI;
Influenced by Flat design language;
Awesome AOSP/Google keyboard;
Monospace Font;
Themed switch, progress bar, scrubber, action bar, buttons, and a lot more;
Toast Notifications, text inputs, GEL all apps icon, Notifications, Quick Settings....;
Dropdowns, spinners, recent apps ,....;
Dialer, Text input and handles;
Notification Drawer, Heads Up Themed ;
Whatsapp Themed;
Android L bootanimation;
Gmail, Holo light/dark action bars,...;

/*Some rare bugs you might encounter in CM11 that are NOT due to the theme:
*Some versions of CM11 nightlies switches to default theme on rebooting. Apply the default theme manually and then apply this theme to fix it. It is probably due to xposed.
*Some users have reported Navigation buttons break in landscape mode, this can be fixed with a reboot.
*Please email me if any issues before bashing the theme with a negative review.

// There is absolutely nothing to do with hacking or hackers. Just named it that way. Pardon me for the syntax errors in the description;
// I am open for suggestions. Email me for any requests or problems!
// Please write a review. That would be very helpful! A 5-star rating would be awesome. Thank You!

Inspirations: Watch Dogs, Android L, Programming,
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