Metaloid : Reactor Guardian v1.1.0

Metaloid : Reactor Guardian v1.1.0

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Metaloid : Reactor Guardian v1.1.0

The "Reactors" only source of power for the Metaloid army are under the siege by robots soldiers !! Choose 1 up to 4 animal-like Cyborg and use all your skill and tactics in order to prevent the rectors destruction!!
You must destroy enemies but also collect energy capsule to restore reactor power.
Each time you manage to survive at an enemy wave you will earn credit as reward. You can spend your credits to unlock new weapons and equipment ( ready for the next battle!!)

Five different levels each one with different environment and foes plus a scoreboard system, will keep you in challenge for long time!

- Challenge and Addict
- 5 different characters with different power and weapons.
- Detailed 2D environment.
- 24 different weapons
- Setup helper turret fight the enemies
- 18 Type of enemy with unique ability
- Show your score to people around the world!

**This game Inspire from Vlambeer Super Crate Box and Muffin Knight**
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