Champions DragFlyon v1.1

Champions DragFlyon v1.1

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Champions DragFlyon v1.1

Survive the incredible struggle of dragons through the galaxy and be the first to end the threat.

Test your reflexes and skills with this great retro-arcade game, in which you will be tested in different phases. Can you pass them all? Fight, Dodge, survives and Get Ahead. Take your dragon to victory.

In this battle only one will win. The saga begins dragonfly. Are you ready to be the guardian of the dragons?

The game features different dragons with their own fighting skills.

There will be several entirely different challenges. You have to kill the enemy dragons and take your dragon to victory. In a battle without mercy.

Euro, you dragon. You will learn skills in the different phases. Train your dragon and be the best

The galaxy is in peril, defend it. On the back of Euro in the galaxy.
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canmiapp Members 15 September 2014 10:42
It has uploaded a better upgrade phases. Try the game
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