Stickman Sniper Shooting 3D v1.0

Stickman Sniper Shooting 3D v1.0

Rating: 4
Stickman Sniper Shooting 3D v1.0

With another exciting sniper action game, Stickman Sniper Shooting 3D will make you addicted to this sniper mania. Time is ticking. So closely set the target and shoot before the stickman escapes for good. Don’t waste gunshots or you’ll warn them and they will run away. It’s time to show your tactics and shoot at the right time. You won’t have much time after you shoot once so build a strategy before you start shooting.

You work as a sniper assassin and your job is to do target killing. The city is invaded and swarming with deadly stickman. They include all sorts of bad guys from smugglers to murderers. The most wanted stickmans will be in disguise so help in identifying and killing them before they get to know their fate. Set the targets carefully at the targeted stickman and open fire. This game will test your patience and speed. We give you this ultimate challenge of playing this blood thirsty sniper adventure and kill all you can in a short time.

Stickman Sniper Shooting 3D features include:
• 20 Sniper shooting challenging levels with a telescopic view for sniper attack
• Stunning 3D graphics of a Stickman invaded city
• Earn experience points with your precision shooting, get energy refills and collect cash
• Customizable controls for a smooth gameplay and shooting controls

So attack with all the sniper action that you can muster! An ultra fun challenge is in your hand now.. Hurry don’t let your targets escape. Death is waiting for them!
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