Find iPhone v1.2.3

Find iPhone v1.2.3

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Find iPhone v1.2.3

This Find My iPhone app finally allows you to find the location of your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac from an Android device! If you have misplaced your tablet or phone, simply login to this app to locate it; shows the location of your devices on a map. If you've misplaced your device near you, press the 'Play Sound' button to have the device play an audible alert, whether or not on silent mode. If your device has been lost, you can now activate lost mode (on compatible devices) or remotely lock older devices.

Lost mode allows you to remotely lock your device with the pin/password that is already set. If a pin has not been set-up, this app. will prompt you to enter a new one. You can optionally add a phone number and a message to be displayed on the lost device’s lock screen. If your phone is found by someone, they can call you from the device.

The app communicates directly with iCloud servers to find the location of your device.

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