Pury Family CM11 Theme 5 in 1 v1.4

Pury Family CM11 Theme 5 in 1 v1.4

Rating: 6
Pury Family CM11 Theme 5 in 1 v1.4


A Perfect Light Based Theme with 5 Color Options to make your device pop out

Available colors in this theme

Pury Pink
Pury Indigo
Pury Orange
Pury Teal
Pury Cyan

CM11 New Theme Engine only

This theme will be compatible with CM11/PA/AOKP and many other ROMS which supports new theme engine, Will work best with xxhdpi & xhdpi resolution displays only in case u have other resolutions displays it myte have issues or un-themed areas

What's Themed

System UI
Navigation Keys
Boot Animation
Quick Tiles
Loading Spinner
Analog Clock
Theme Chooser
Animated Checkboxes
22 Packages themed
40+ Plus icons (i wont be adding more icons)

Themed apps

What's App
Play Store
Google Keep

How to apply
After installing the theme please reboot to have all the features applied properly in case u still have issues uninstall and install the theme again

Known Issues
This theme may not apply properly or u myte get issues if u are using it with Xposed or with other DPI etc

You must flash the latest nightly or rom to get best out of the theme and get rid of the errors

Its a Light Theme and there are some area not possible to be themed and can’t really do much about it

Quick Ribbon icon will be cut please go to settings / navigation drawer / Size / change to Big or Narrow

If you have 1+1 device then you will have icon cut issue on quick ribbon feature which is due to big icons I have made for this theme and i won’t be able to solve it at least for now, please be sure you are ok with that before buying

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In case of any issues please send me a email with the issue and i will try to solve it, rather rating it bad