Sworkit Pro - Circuit Training v5.00.06

Sworkit Pro - Circuit Training v5.00.06

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Sworkit Pro - Circuit Training v5.00.06

Sworkit provides randomized circuit training workouts to keep you motivated to exercise and stay fit. You can choose your workout length and target different areas to create the perfect workout anywhere, anytime. No weights or extra equipment required.

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в?… Save multiple custom workouts
в?… Adjustable interval lengths
в?… Advanced Audio Options
в?… 7-Minute Workout other bonus workouts
в?… Access to complete workout history
в?… Extra Rewards Points (US only)
в?… Optional Rewards
Coming Soon: HD Videos and Small Equipment Exercises

в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… - "I've downloaded a number of exercise apps hoping to find my fairy tale app...FOUND IT! great variety of exercises, you can choose upper, lower, full, yoga, or stretching! You can select your workout time, breaks between exercises so you can get into position. A voice calls out the exercise and sound cues help keep track of time. Love it!"
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в?…в?…в?…в?…в?… - "I travel 4 days a week for work. This keeps my workouts interesting in hotels and I can do them in my room. No equipment requited. Awesome."

Sworkit is designed to keep your workouts more interesting by building randomized workouts that do not require any extra equipment and will not become monotonous. The circuit training aspect provides additional cardiovascular fitness with each exercise being presented in 30 second intervals with a built in rest periods every 2 minutes. 


• Targeted workouts for Upper Body, Lower Body, Core Strength, Back Strength, Stretching, Yoga Sequences, and Pilates.
• Create your own Custom Workouts using any exercises in our library for a fully personalized experience. Great for focused workouts, injury recovery, and new challenges.
• Set reminders and access your previous stats to get motivated
• Animated video demonstrations for every exercise
• Audible warnings for workouts that tell you exactly what to do and when.

I hope you enjoy Sworkit as a great workout tool that will keep you motivated to increase your overall fitness level at your convenience.

Please workout within your means and be safe at all times.