SaTurnos Pro Calendar v4.67

SaTurnos Pro Calendar v4.67

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SaTurnos Pro Calendar v4.67

Straightforward Shift Manager (Saturnos Pro Calendar)
Have you ever called the wrong turn or a classmate? Well it's over now Saturns have to organize your work shifts quickly and easily. Most ask of life ...

Version 4.41

- Change the language of the app from the settings menu appearance, without changing the device language.
- Added a brief description in the listing above.
- They have corrected errors in widgets.
- Correction on holidays.

A. - Profile Management (to have multiple calendars, eg own and co-worker):
- Create profiles
- Edit Profiles
- Delete Profiles
- Export and import profiles to share shifts with colleagues.
- New monthly view of all the profiles, to fit with your classmates.
- I allow add / remove shift from the view profiles.
- Select Multiple

2. - Several design modifications:
- Displays the corresponding colors shift when more than one.
- Displays underlined mark the turn where he has a note.
- Corrections in the design to the Calendar view.
- I allow add / remove turns from the calendar view.
- Multiple selection in the calendar view
- Improved design densities xlarge
3. - Export the calendar shifts to android sync with google calendar.
4. - Statistics:
- Export statistics to CSV format sdcard.
- Added total number of shifts per month statistics.
5. - To back up all profiles.
6. - Corrections in the widget.

- Top of shifts by single or multiple
- 3 shifts per day maximum
- Selection of years
- No Ads
- Configuration of shifts: edit, delete and add shifts
- Add notes to the shift
- Add length of the shift
- Warning System beginning of the turn. Go not to dawdle.
- Possibility of selecting a full month (Enable multiple selection).
- Import and export all turn to sharing, for example, with their partners for them / the
controlled / as.
- Import from Saturns (Free Version)
- Set a string to add shifts
- Ability to add repeated shifts.
- And why not a simple widget ...
- View calendar.
- Full statistics on the number of hours and number of shifts worked per month and year.
- Lets put 3 points to define the code to turn this way can indicate, for example, where you work (eg MU-> Tomorrow Urgency).
- Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.
- Added field in overtime.
- Added start and end of turn.
- Added field "count" to indicate if it affects the calculation of hours.
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