True Blue CM11 Theme [SALE] v1.2

True Blue CM11 Theme [SALE] v1.2

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True Blue CM11 Theme [SALE] v1.2

What's Included in the theme ?
- Framework
- SystemUI
- Keyboard
- Camera
- Calender
- Contacts
- Dialer
- Calculator
and lots more....

- A ROOTED phone with a custom ROM supporting CM11 Theme Chooser Engine

1. Download the app and install it
2. Go to Settings>Themes (or the Themes section of your custom ROM)
(If you don't have this option you are probably not using a custom ROM)
3. Swipe and select Green UI
4. Apply it
5. Reboot your phone/tablet to make all the changes

Don't review or give bad ratings if you don't know how to root your phone.
If you have any other problem then send me a mail, I will be eager to help you
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