War of Chess v1.0.1

War of Chess v1.0.1

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War of Chess v1.0.1

Challenge the best chess players across the world at War of Chess, an all-new free chess game
available on the App Store with thrilling 3D graphic effects and sets of animated pieces in 3D fantasy style facing as army on a board into flames! Play with friends or against a unique chess engine and show who’s the master of the game!

в—Џ 2 board styles: Classic 2D or Fantasy 3D!
в—Џ Play as both white or black.
в—Џ Play against a sophisticated AI in single player mode.
в—Џ Invite friends by Facebook or nickname and beat them in multiplayer mode.
в—Џ Choose your army among sets of animated pieces in 3D fantasy styles: Orcs, Zombies, Humans and much more coming on the next updates!
в—Џ Push replay button to watch final moves resulting into checkmate!
в—Џ Enjoy amazing music and sound effects.
в—Џ Try yourself with 6 level of difficulty.
в—Џ Check statistics to enhance your tactical skills.
в—Џ Play on Multiple Devices! Signing up to War of Chess lets you play the game on multiple devices without losing your save data and in-app purchases. Cool, isn't it?

Stay Tuned
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Official website: www.ketchapp.mobi
Facebook: facebook.com/KetchApp.Mobi
Twitter: @KetchAppMobi
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