Moka for Android v5.5.0

Moka for Android v5.5.0

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Moka for Android v5.5.0

Moka is a high-resolution icon pack for Android to install and use with your favourite custom launcher! It has been designed to pixel-perfection and with simplicity in mind.

• Designed for very high pixel dense displays; each icon is a resolution of 192x192 pixels which supports displays up to xxxhdpi
• 450 icons and growing; updates occur periodically as icons are added.
• This icon pack has icon masking for those icons that are not yet themed by the pack.
• To get this theme as full as quickly as possibly you may submit icon requests:
• Individual icons are open to change and/or criticism.
• Moka for Android is a sister project to its Linux desktop counterpart:

Known Launcher Compatibility
• Apex
• Go
• Holo
• Launcher Pro
• Nova
• Smart Launcher
• Trebuchet

How to install & use
• Install any of the above launchers
• Poke around in the launcher's settings and find options along the lines of personalization, theming, etc.
• Select the icon theme (or similar setting) and choose "Moka Icon Pack"

As there is so much variance in display technology, your experience may vary depending on your device.
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