Andrognito BETA - Hide Files v1.2.0

Andrognito BETA - Hide Files v1.2.0

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Andrognito BETA - Hide Files v1.2.0

What's Andrognito?

With Andrognito, you can now keep your confidential and important files which you don't want others to access, hidden inside your Android device with our advanced 3-Layer Encryption Engine. In short, Andrognito is a modern sentinel that hides and locks all your personal and confidential data from snoopers in real time.

All the important files like pictures, videos, documents are securely hidden inside a safe vault which nobody except you with the PIN (or password) can access, thereby giving you complete control over your device's privacy. It is simple, fast and fluid and can hide files and folders in blazing fast speed (thanks to its "Flash Mode").

Why Will You Use Andrognito?

Andrognito sports a variety of features which will make you fall in love with this app,

• Powerful 3-Layer Encryption Engine that securely locks and hides all your files for complete protection
• Supports hiding of all kinds of files (like Documents, Images, Videos, ZIP, Apps)
• Hide Photos & Videos fast and securely
• Supports vault locking with dynamic time-based PIN
• Unique Stealth Mode feature to deceive intruders into a fake vault
• "Invisible Mode" lets you hide the app from launcher and open via dialer
• Modern and state-of-the-art flat and minimal user interface
• Prevents brute force attacks by automatically locking the app for 15 minutes after 3 failed login attempts.

What Is Andgognito’s 3-Layer Encryption Engine?

At Codex, protecting your important files from the hands of intruders is our primary goal. After months of research we have developed a simple, light-weight and unique algorithm that makes it virtually impossible for anyone to access your hidden files and folders without your static 4-digit secure PIN or dynamic time-based PIN.

The 3-Layer Encryption Engine is very secure and full of surprises. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard(AES-256) in its core layer to ensure utmost security and uses various techniques like randomly generated filenames, locking files with strong and random passwords and much more in its other layers.

Why In The BETA Version?

After rigorous testing, we are finally convinced that Andrognito is ready to face the world, however we are currently staying in BETA version since there might be some bugs in the app that have escaped our notice.

Therefore we would advise you not to currently hide any sensitive files that are of paramount importance to you as there might be some chances that you lose those files and get into a mess. We are constantly improving our app and we hope to get our final version ready shortly.

In the meantime, we would love to hear reports and feedbacks from you about the good and sometimes about the bad things too.

Permissions Explained

• EXTERNAL STORAGE - To read and write files you want to hide and encrypt
• OUTGOING CALLS - To open your vault using the dialer when using "Invisible Mode"
• CALL LOGS - To clean the call log of your PIN

Conceptualized, designed and developed with love by Aritra Roy.
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