Spatial Glass v15

Spatial Glass v15

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Spatial Glass v15

The latest branch of my glassware portfolio brings you my first set of real 3D icons. I don't know what it is about glass, but it really pokes my creativity and curiosity. In this case, the creation took an awful lot of time - a fair amount of which I spent learning how to turn my 2D-centric work flow into proper 3D.

But here it is! SPATIAL GLASS. Because it really tested my...spatial...awareness. So there.

I've gone for a look of organically sculpted glass in a shaded environment. Every icon is properly modeled in 3D, raytraced and rendered, and it all looks absolutely stunning.

As is customary, there's a pretty dashboard with apply-buttons for most of the major launchers, a couple of internal/external wallpapers, links to my social media presences and various interesting online resources.

Supported launchers include Action Launcher, ADW, Apex, Atom, Aviate, Inspire, KK, Nine, Solo, Themer and Unicon. These are supported to various degrees. Others might work.

Next Launcher is partially supported, in that it seems to be able to use my icons, but it's not a complete Next theme.

I've heard mixed reports about TSF Shell, but I really don't want to hear a word about neither that, nor GO Launcher or Mini Launcher. GO, Mini and TSF are unsupported, as far as I am concerned.

- Install the app and open it.
- - Select your launcher to apply the icon pack.
- - Swipe left/right to navigate between tabs/pages.
- - Select "Wallpapers" to check out and apply one of the cool wallpapers.

--If your launcher is not supported, try and see if you can apply the icons via the launcher's control panel.
--If one of your apps doesn't theme, you can press-and-hold the icon, select "Edit" and select one of my icons manually.

If you have requests for apps for me to theme, please use the request feature within the app.
If you have problems or issues that require support, , please email me at
If you have funny insights or anything else (constructive) you'd like to share with me, please email me at or reach out via Twitter or Google+ (links are in the app)

I cannot support/communicate with you through the Play Store. I typically don't read reviews, and depending on your region or language, I might not even be able to see your comments.
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