Front Commando Assault: Strike v1.4

Front Commando Assault: Strike v1.4

Rating: 10
Front Commando Assault: Strike v1.4

As an expert elite Commando / Sniper Officer, you have been given a mission to fight directly & clear a remote enemy camp. You are expected to do an awesome job and succeed at all costs. Show yourself like an iron man. Wish you all the good luck and waiting for good news.

Your Mission:
Dropped at night in a bad weather at a secret enemy army camp near the Amazon Jungle border. Project assigned directly from the American GHQ is to enter enemy camp area, use map and clear small enemy unit that will try to protect the camp. Expect a great clash at each checkpoint, so show your strength to kill enemy soldiers, make hell on earth for them, and advance step by step and reach the center point. Destroy all important enemy assets like Fuel and Ammunition dumps, target armor and military vehicles so as to break them. After that find and get hold a red box of classified enemy documents hidden some where in the camp. Finish with great care and find safe way to go as you might be attacked by enemy Gunship Helicopters.

Game Features:
> Complete Battlefield real looking 3D environment
> FPS 3D (First Person Shooter) Sniper Game
> Efficient weapon control and selection
> Amazing Movie Quality, best sound effects and sound track
> Easy GUI and controls
> Enemy AI
> Designed for Players: Teenagers, adults & Family
> Genre: Adventure, Action and Thrill
> Walkies Talkies Assistance System
> Unlimited Ammunition

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