Chinese Almanac Calendar v3.1.6

Chinese Almanac Calendar v3.1.6

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Chinese Almanac Calendar v3.1.6

Chinese Calendar is rumoured to be written by the Yellow Emperor, a legendary ruler. It has been changed its form for numerous time during each dynasty.

Chinese Calendar is a Chinese divination guide and calendar. It consists primarily of a calendar based on the Chinese lunar year.The content tells what is suitable to do in each day. Most of Chinese still following these days for weddings ceremonies, funerals, etc.

It's also used by many Chinese Fung Shui practitioners and destiny diviners for selecting dates and times for important events like marriages, official opening ceremonies, house moving-in and big contract signings, as well as smaller events like time to start renovations or travel.

This app contains information of the auspicious and inauspicious days for weddings or engagements,etc. In addition, it provides the auspicous timing in which to carry out such activities.

Chinese Calendar provides a conversion of a year and date between the lunar year and the common year. The calendar will list eclipses (both solar and lunar), the start of each season, and the solar terms of a year.

Chinese Almanac Calendar Features:
- Convert Gregorian Solar Calendar to Lunar Calendar
- Direct input Solar/Lunar Date/Time to search
- Solar Terms date & time
- Animal Name of the year
- Chinese & international Festival
- Daily Chinese Zodiac Clash
- Daily Suitable and unsuitable Activities
- Hourly Luck Forecast
- Search for Good Dates of Business/Marriage/Long distance travel/Negotiation/Interview or proposal/Renovation or repairing/Entering or moving to a new house or apartment,etc.
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