Kids Wudu Series v1.1

Kids Wudu Series v1.1

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Kids Wudu Series v1.1

Kids Wudu Series is an addition to the Islamic Learning App series by developed specifically for Muslim kids who have started learning about Islam. By using this app, kids can learn how to perform wudu in Islam.

This app is highly beneficial in teaching kids how to make wudu for praying Salat. Download the app on your phone and let the kids scroll through and learn on their own.

The features of Kids Wudu Series are as follows:

• Step by step Wudu in form of images to show each step clearly

• A comprehensive description about what is wudu or ablution to share the meaning and importance of this act of purification.

• Tips and warnings related to steps for wudu are provided to clarify any misconception.

• The attractive pictorial representation of wudu steps encourages the children to perform wudu and salat.

• To help kids memorize the steps of wudu, a game is also included where kids are required to arrange the images in order of steps of wudu.

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