Hopeless: Flick Soccer Cup v1.00.6

Hopeless: Flick Soccer Cup v1.00.6

Rating: 2
Hopeless: Flick Soccer Cup v1.00.6

A team of unlucky blobs find themselves in the middle of the field, trying to defend themselves against angry football fans. Will they survive the Hopeless trip to the Football Cup?

Tap the screen to hit the incoming footballs. React quickly but be careful not to hit your friends.

Don’t miss too many balls or it’s Game Over for the blobs!

Key Features:
• Intense and funny sports game!
• Unlock rewards and play as your favorite netional team!
• Think fast, act fast! Test your skills and your reflexes to their limit.
• A soccer game without any goals!
• Intense gameplay, as you try to save the Blobs against all odds.

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On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hopelessfootballcup
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/UpopaGames

Please email us with any new bugs or glitches.
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