High-Speed Camera Plus v3.0.1

High-Speed Camera Plus v3.0.1

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High-Speed Camera Plus v3.0.1

Opening special sale в?…
в?… Please, Test free version before buying this paid version. Thank you. в?…

в?… High-speed camera features в?…
вЉ™ High-speed shooting (up to 30 FPS)
вЉ™ Very fast Auto Save function
вЉ™ Silent camera shutter
вЉ™ High-definition(HD) picture
вЉ™ Built-in gallery
вЉ™ LED Flashlight

в?… Plus version special features в?…
в—€ No ads
в—€ Overshooting function
в—€ Enhanced continuous shooting (up to 500 pics)
в—€ Creating Animated GIF(extended)
в—€ Selecting resolution
в—€ Quick saves
в—€ Simple camera mode (Menu button)
- Shutter Button : Taking burst shots
- Volume up button : Taking HD photo
- Volume down button : LED Flashlight on / off
- Pinching : Zoom in / out

в?… More special features for Plus version will be added in the future. в?…

Do you want to take a picture of lovely sleeping baby?
Do you want to take a picture in a quiet library?
Do you want to take a picture of a cute running pet?

Make your smart phone as a silent High-Speed Camera!
Do not miss important moments never!

* Touch the screen to get the focus.
* Some new phones (Galaxy S4/S3, Galaxy Note2, Optimus G/G Pro, Optimus LTE2, etc.) supports continuous auto-focus.
* Some phones make shutter sound to get HD pictures.
* FPS and pics per a shot are depend on your smart phone's capability.
* High-speed camera picture resolution is lower than the normal high-definition camera photos.
* External SD is not supported on the Kitkat.

If you have any problems for using this App., send me an email before rating. hantor89@gmail.com
I will do my best to satisfy you. Thank you.

* You can use Free 'High-Speed Camera [Silent]' application for test before buying this application.
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