Herathon Light CM11 Theme v2.2

Herathon Light CM11 Theme v2.2

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Herathon Light CM11 Theme v2.2

This an amazing Lollipop based theme is the perfect one for your custom ROM.

So , what is special about this theme ?
- Lollipop style UI design, System icons, animations , what not ?
- Lollipop style system apps and non system apps
- Per app color scheme implemented for more Lollipop look and feel
- Lollipop wallpaper
- and many more ;)

Note :-
- Any custom ROM which supports theme engine can be used for applying and using this amazing theme
- Please update your custom ROM to the most recent build to enjoy this theme better

This theme is available in following versions
- Eclipse (Original App Base Theme)
- Light (Light App Base Theme)
- Night (Night App Base Theme)
do try all themes and find your most suiting one ;)

If you have any issues, suggestions, improvements, if you want to interact with other users or for FREE VERSION head over to Herathon Community in Google Plus
Link :- https://plus.google.com/communities/101028726008969128786/

Credits :-
James Hatton
Kiriakos Kanatsaris
Rushabh Kothari
Rahul K Dinesh
Phadly Jamm
Anderson Aragao
John Xonidis
Rob Beane
Arz Bhatia
Jose Angel Galvez
Antonio SГЎnchez
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