Holo Camera PLUS v3.0.1

Holo Camera PLUS v3.0.1

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Holo Camera PLUS v3.0.1

Holo Camera+ is designed to work with all devices running Android 4.0 ( ICS ) and higher.


Holo Camera+ is a source compiled, minimalistic version of the AOSP Android 4.4 KITKAT Camera.

Forget the days of washed out, blurry images, with dull colors. Our special Optiв„ў mode is here to liven up all your pics! Now comes with After Effects BETA! A revolutionary new way to edit pics BEFORE saving them!

Holo Camera+ has the following features:

• 3 modes: camera, video recorder and panorama
• Android 4.4 ARC UI
• Configurable Volume Rocker.
• New FX modes
• New Scene modes
• Silent mode (might not work on some devices)
• Pinch to zoom
• Picture quality setting (low/medium/high/ultra)
• Timer
• Burst mode
• Thumbnail Review
• ISO Mode Settings
• Flicker Reduction/Anti-Banding
• Guidelines
• Video quality adjustable
• Per thumbnail context menu.
• Sliding Drawer for quick options.
• Flash Mode
• Live FX
• "ULTRA HD" resolution for devices with more than 8mp Camera. It can be turned on from Miscellaneous Tweaks>Ultra HD
• Configurable UHD Aspect Ratio: Choose between 4:3 or 16:9
• Separate tweaks for front and back camera.
• Scene mode
• Auto Exposure Settings
• Skin Tone Enhancement (NEW!)
• HDR Support
• Additional Settings:
* Silent Shutter Mode.
* Sunlight Visibility Mode
* Storage Location Settings.
* OPTIв„ў MODE: With OPTIв„ў CONTRAST, OPTIв„ў BRIGHTNESS, OPTIв„ў SHARPNESS AND OPTIв„ў SATURATION. With smart pixel by pixel recoloring LIVE and adjustable parameters, forget the days of bad images, take awesome pics with the most vibrant colors and clearest details!

• The ALL NEW AFTER EFFECTS (BETA): A Revolutionary way to edit pics before saving!
Currently works with the back camera and supports 10 adjustable tweaks:

-Sepia Toning(RGB)
-Snow Effect
-Mean Removal
-Rounded corners
-More coming!

• Ultra fast photos and videos viewer
• Grid view/Filmstrip view
• Swipe to delete
• Slideshow mode
• TONS of cool new features!!
• A VERY POWERFUL Image editor.


Q: What about Photo Sphere?

A: Unfortunately, PhotoSphere isn't opensource, and we are not allowed to publish such apps on Play Store.

Thank you for supporting me (the Dev)! I am a High School student and every few purchases helps me to buy books.

1. Before giving poor reviews, please mail me ( avijitg22@gmail.Com ) I will try my best to help you. If i cannot, full refund will be given. But please email me, i cannot help you just by reading review.

2. Custom roms are NOT officially supported. If your custom rom or ion kernel causes video camera or anything else to force close, do not give me poor review. I'll refund you.

3. Opti mode might not work on certain devices. Please do not rate me bad because of Opti mode, because opti mode scans your phone's hardware abstraction layer (HAL). If anything does not work in Opti mode, it is probably your phone/camera's fault. Please be considerate before rating me 1 star. :)

BIG thanks to Google for their AOSP Source Code. Without them, this app would have been nowhere.

Thanks, and keep enjoying this app, and please, I've been working very hard to make sure the app runs smooth and all optimizations work on older devices, so if you like my effort, please leave a 5 star rating. :)

Thanks and lots of love!!

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