THE DEAD: Beginning v1.16

THE DEAD: Beginning v1.16

Rating: 7
THE DEAD: Beginning v1.16

Prepare for the most horrifying zombie experience ever!
Will you be able to survive the onslaught of the zombie horde?

Grab your guns and follow our unintentional heroes as they rid the world from wave after wave of the undead.

How long will YOU survive?

> More maps are coming!
> “The Sewers” at the end of November
> “The Subway” before Christmas

• New amazing 3D touch control system
• Loads & loads of weapons
• Tons of useful items to help you survive, like turrets & grenades
• Next-Gen FULL 3D premiere quality graphics
• Highly addictive gameplay
• New maps added frequently
• Level up and get access to new weapons, items, characters, upgrades & maps
• Perform challenges and reap the rewards
• Challenging boss levels
• Superior sound and music
• Individual storylines and zombies on each map

* Storyline – The Cabin *

Overrun with the living dead, the young family seeks refuge from the city to their safe haven, the cabin in the mountains. But they are fresh out of luck. The zombie infestation has reached even this peaceful remote outpost. Now you have to do all you can to protect your wife and daughter.


* Storyline – The Club *

The Moscow underworld is a rough and scary place but for a person like Michaeli Vronsky it is home. Brought up alone on the streets, fighting for food, he quickly turned to petty thefts to survive, with selling of drugs and murders to follow. Tonight something is wrong in Moscow, and it is not related to the deal that is going down at the local club, it is something else, and an evil that is unfamiliar to Michaeli is in the air.