Battery Doctor Plus-Magic App v1.0

Battery Doctor Plus-Magic App v1.0

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Battery Doctor Plus-Magic App v1.0

Battery Doctor Plus-Magic App v1.0

Battery Doctor Plus is the best utility app for your device and a must have! It is a well designed utility app which makes you understand more about your device’s battery and the regular usage of the app along with the following tips and suggestions which would help in extending your battery life.

Read on to know more about the key features -

в–¶Battery Usage

— Get estimated time left for plethora of services on your device including Talk Time, Internet On Wi-Fi, Internet On 3G, Video Playback, Audio Playback, Audio (Bluetooth), Standby and Airplane Mode Time.


—To enhance battery life you can select any mode.It will smartly use your Wi-Fi,
Mobile Data and Bluetooth. When battery reaches threshold value it will apply optimize settings to maximize your battery life.

в–єHardware Usage

—With colourful representation on Pie Chart,Hardware Usage has been made a lot more simpler to understand for not so techie users. You can also control your bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, brightness from the app.

в–єBattery Details

—With additional battery details, you can get battery temp , battery voltage and thus you can protect your battery from overheating.

в–єPower Usage

—Now you can easily mark out the battery draining apps and clicking on them you can force close them.


The app has some of the best and the most useful suggestions to extend battery life. Tell how long the battery will last under your current situation. It also helps to recognize background running apps.

в–єCharging Details

— The app estimates the time left to charge your device battery to 100%. It also recognizes the unique 3 state charging system of your device and thus remind you not to overcharge .


More features coming soon!

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