Gunspell - Epic Adventure! v1.2.02

Gunspell - Epic Adventure! v1.2.02

Rating: 4
Gunspell - Epic Adventure! v1.2.02

Gunspell is a storydriven rpg-adventure where guns and magic act together! You will be caught in a series of unbelievable events. Become a member of powerful Order that protects the Earth from all kinds of otherworldly creatures. Travel through the worlds, fight monsters, complete different quests, upgrade your weapons and magic.
Vampires and demons, heroes and monsters await you in realms of Gunspell.
It is completely free game with an option to purchase packs of in-game currency or a premium account.

• Match 3 battles with a lot of features
• Multiple strange new worlds to explore
• Hordes of enemies to fight
• Tons of different weapons, items and spells!
• No need to wait! Replenish stamina with a mini-game any time!
• Awesome graphics!

Game Awards
в?… DevGAMM 2014 Award
в?… MS Windows Store Stuff Pick

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