Docs Matter Free v4.4.141218_150630

Docs Matter Free v4.4.141218_150630

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Docs Matter Free v4.4.141218_150630

* Description:
Worried about losing important paper files? Try Docs Matter on your mobile device to easily scan documents, manage, sort, search, and convert them into searchable PDF files. Docs Matter has a build-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, so it allows you to scan your paper documents and recognizes the text within them. You can manage your documents and retrieve any of them by entering few keywords.

* What Docs Matter can do for you in daily life:
Business man – Scan and manage business documents such as contract, air ticket, invoice, etc.
Teachers or students – Scan and manage references and some important articles.
Tourist – Capture menus, inscriptions, road sign and landscape.
Family – Scan and manage health reports, menus, bank statements, product specification, certificates, flyers, etc.

* Key Features:
- Capture document image with Android device and enhance the quality of the image.
- Retrieve text from image, edit and modify it then export to PDF.
- Manually edit and correct the recognition results, or add note to the document.
- Select the correct recommended character option to replace the uncertain recognition result.
- Share document images and recognition results with your friends.
- Synchronize documents to the cloud; conveniently access them from anywhere.
- Global search of document by keywords.
- Categorize documents to keep them organized.
- Set up a password to keep your files safe.

Turn Your Mobile Device into a Professional Scanner
Simply aim your device’s camera at the document you want to scan, and let the built-in OCR engine do the rest.

Quickly Modify Your Documents with Our Characters Suggestion Function
You might encounter some minor errors in recognition results, but our characters suggestion function would make the modification process easier for you.

Manage Your Documents on the Go
Search, sort, and group your documents across various devices while on the move. No matter where you go, Docs Matter can make sure your office moves with you.

Export Text to PDF
Docs Matter is able to retrieve the text from the image of the document and export the recognition results to searchable PDF files.

Easy Come Easy Go
Only takes a few clicks to import pictures or documents from your mobile device, after text recognition and modification process, you can choose to upload or backup your documents to other cloud storage.

Keep Your Documents Synchronized With the Cloud at All Time
With the sync function you are able to upload your documents to the cloud, and access it on your Android devices and review or modify it anytime, anywhere.

* Languages:
Able to recognize documents in the following languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

* Device Requirements:
Compatible with Android 2.2 and above.

* Important:
This version only allows 100 times edit and save recognition results for free, in order to unlock this limits you need to purchase Docs Matter Pro - Document Management version.

* Pro version features:
1. Advertisement free.
2. The generated PDF files does not contain watermark.
3. The app is fully unlocked, there is no more restriction on editing documents.
4. No restriction on providing recommended character options for replacing potential error in the OCR results.

Customer support time: 8:30 a.m to 6:00 p.m GMT+8 (Beijing time), Monday to Friday

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