AR-K Point and Click Adventure v1.8

AR-K Point and Click Adventure v1.8

Rating: 6
AR-K Point and Click Adventure v1.8

First episode of AR-K, a classic point and click adventure. Episode 2 already available on Google Play Store. Episodes 3 & 4 coming soon!

Alicia wakes up in her room. She doesn't remember well what happened last night. A horrible headache, many doubts and the remember of a mysterious golden sphere, that has been torturing her for years, since she was expelled from Police Academy.

Help Alicia in her quest to solve the mystery, with the help of her trusty dog Amber and her friend Franky, the owner of the Fast&Foodious, .

The story is a classic point-and-click adventure which blends rich 3D animation, humor, unexpected plot twists and talented voice actors into an unforgettable saga.


•Hours of free game play. No in-game payments!

•Classic Point&Click Adventure. Remember retro adventures as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Broken Sword, Simon the Sorcerer...

•Narrative style: mixes comic with attractive 3D animations.

•Acid humor in dialogues and object descriptions.

•Smooth gameplay in your tablet or mobile phone. You only have to worry about enjoying the game!

•Fully dubbed in English with professional voices

Reviews in Digital Magazines:

"Nice gameplay, attractive and well written story, and intelligent puzzle design. Three pillars where good point and click adventures rest" - (8,4/10)
"The AliciaВґs acid humor and her answers will make you laugh ". "You'll want to know how it continues the storyline" - (7/10)

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