Steamworks Ultimate v2.5.0

Steamworks Ultimate v2.5.0

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Steamworks Ultimate v2.5.0

How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?
Ready to take a journey like no other?

be prepared, this will take over your device, and is not for the faint of heart :-)

This theme for the "NEW" CM11 Theme Engine

*******NOTICE and PLEASE READ!!!!******

If you have any issues please EMAIL me and I will do my best to help.

This theme has been in production since the original Droid 1 days, with Age of Bronzed / BronZed Punk ( on Project Elite ROM's ), evolving into Steamworks ( ICSourcery and JBSourcery ROM's ), and finally maturing into Steamworks Ultimate for everyone on any ROM using the new CM Theme Engine.

I hope you enjoy this theme and the journey I take us on with it. :-)

How to apply:
1.Go to your device Settings/Themes/Theme Option/Steamworks Ultimate then use whatever option you want to apply and hit apply
2. Reboot after it's done applying
3. Enjoy!

Important!!! Uninstall and then install updates so all assets get reset.

So far 35 apps are fully themed, and I plan on adding more every week / month.

## special notice ##

If you want more goodies and help support another developer who he and his team are just kick butt:


Most updated apps in the BETA section of the updater!
Blacked out apps look great and they flow quite well with my work.

DJDarkKnight is a good friend and developer so don't miss out on checking his work

## end special notice ##

## 2nd special notice ##

I'm working on a way to get some hosting in place to get you even more goodies.

Currently I have a twitter / tumblr / dropbox apks tweaked to go with the theme ( basically stock with some changes to accommodate my crazy ideas ) , as well as flashable zips of hangouts and google calendar. Little tidbits of goodness to fully flesh out the design.

until I get that resolved please email me and I will happily send you links to those parts you want to add.

## end 2nd special notice ##

Though there are a multitude of people I need to thank for their help / tips / guidance / tricks / etc.
I would probably spend all day doing that, hehe. So suffice to say I'll do it the easiest and best way.

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