MyAV Pro Universal WiFi Remote vSheep-PigV3.5

MyAV Pro Universal WiFi Remote vSheep-PigV3.5

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MyAV Pro Universal WiFi Remote vSheep-PigV3.5

No programming required, no set-up codes, no fuss. Download, connect and control.
IP Control for A/V Receivers, Blu-Ray Players, Televisions, Set-Top Boxes, Media Streamers.
Alternative app for Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon, Marantz ,LG , Oppo, Roku, NowTV, XBMC,Philips,Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony,Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, Sky+HD ,DirectTV , Virgin Media,WDTV, Humax (3rd party firmware).
The Internet of Things control app is here.

Your devices must be connected to the same router/hub as your Android tablet/phone via for this app to work. You need to have a good Wi-Fi signal and multicasting/uPnP must also be enabled on your router/network. Please make sure all your devices have the latest firmware..
If you have any issues with connectivity or functionality, please email us first before rating, we will respond. We are constantly updating the app.

Features include:
-Controls a suite of devices all in one app, no changing between different apps
-Automatically finds and connects to most compatible devices
-Default can be set to connect to just one type of device if you have more than one type of device (eg.. 2 different smart TVs in the house)
-Support for control using Android Wear smart watches (requires MyAV to be running on your phone/tablet)

---AV Receivers
-One main volume control for your receiver that is always on hand (Hard buttons too on some android devices)
-Real-time feed back from supported devices, including Current Volume, Input, Channel, Sound Mode, Power Status, Video & Audio information.
-Home cinema Receiver input buttons can easily be accessed (Not hidden away in a menu)
-Zone controls for AV Receivers (Remembers the last setting, useful if always controlling Zone 2)
- MyAV DLNA Browser V0.9 with settings for default server/folder
-"All Power On" & "All Power Off" macros
-Reassign devices to different inputs (MyAV automatically assigns your TV or Blu-Ray player to a given input, but this can be changed)

---Smart TVs and Set-Top boxes
-UK channel logos for Virgin Media and Freeview with quick jump buttons.
-Delete unwanted channels quickly and easily
-Channel filters to easily find the desired channel
-Hold down, then drag and drop your favourite channels into a favourites folder.

We aim for this app to be universal remote for all devices.
Please visit our website to see a full current compatibility list,

Onkyo AV Receivers include
TXNR525 , TXNR626 , TX-NR727 , TX-NR828 , TX-NR929
TX-NR414 , TX-NR515 , TXNR616 , TX-NR717 , TX-NR818 , TX-NR1010 , TX-NR3010 , TX-NR5010
TX-NR509 , 609 , 709 , 809, 1009 , 3009 , 5009, PR-SC5509

Denon AV Receivers include
AVR-E300 , AVR-E400 , AVRX1000 , AVR-X2000 , AVR-X3000 , AVR-X4000
AVR-1713 , AVR-1913 , AVR-2113 , AVR-2313 , AVR-3313 , AVR-4520
AVR-1912 , AVR-2112 , AVR-2312 , AVR-3312

Pioneer AV Receivers include
VSX-70, VSX-923 , VSX-1123, SC-71, SC-72, SC-75, SC-77, SC-79, SC-1523, SC-2023, SC-LX57, SC-LX77, SC-LX87
VSX-60, VSX-922 , VSX-1122 , SC-61, SC-63, SC-65, SC-67, SC-68, SC-1222, SC-1522, SC-2022 , SC-LX56 , SC-LX76 , SC-LX86

Panasonic TV's Include
Smart TV's 2011-2013

Samsung TV's
F/E/C/D series (Not yet compatible with H series)

Sky Sky+HD (Non-Thomson boxes)
Currently only supports the changing of channels and the transport controls. This is because Sky do not publish any information about how to send any other command.

Virgin Media TiVo

DirecTV HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR34, HR44

Oppo Blu-Ray Players
BDP103, BDP105

Pioneer Blu-Ray Players
BDP-160 , BDP62FD
BDP-450 , BDP-150 ,

Panasonic Blu-Ray Players
DMP-BDT500 , DMP-BDT320 , DMP-BDT220 , DMP-BDT120

Samsung Blu-Ray Players

Sony Blu-Ray Players
BDP-S790, BDP-S5100 , BDP-S4100 BDPS3100
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