Brain Doctor - Kids Game v95.5

Brain Doctor - Kids Game v95.5

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Brain Doctor - Kids Game v95.5

Brain Doctor - Kids Games, really innovative concept game for kids. Your children will surly love this game. Give different brain surgery treatment to different patients with the use of lots of medical equipment.

This Is a fun and informative + educational game for kids. Its provide many functionality and many tools for play like:

- Heartbeat Checking
- Stethoscope
- Thermometer
- Blood Pressure
- Shock
- Water Spray
- Dryer
- Vacuum
- Injection
- Cotton
- Dropper
- Banded
- X-Ray
- Germs Remover
- Fork Remover
- Medicine
- Plaster

Using the above tools you can solve the patient problems & injury and you can help and get doctoring knowledge and fun for kids.

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