Daily Text 2015 - Pro v2.0.2(44)

Daily Text 2015 - Pro v2.0.2(44)

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Daily Text 2015 - Pro v2.0.2(44)

Examining the Scriptures Daily 2015
- downloaded epub files are created for use by Jehovah's Witnesses (jw.org)

Simple and easily readable application allowing you to familiarise yourself with your daily text for 2015 only.

- Multi-language support: rapid switch up to 3 languages.
To rapidly switch languages press and hold the screen.
To set languages please go to Preferences.
- Multi-language widgets support: up to 3 languages.
- Swipe your finger across the screen in order to change pages.
- Active links for cited scriptures and source articles
- Working on latest mobiles as well as tablets
- Ability to add the text you like to your Favorites List, also with your comment
- Ability to change font size and font type
- Ability to select/lock screen orientation
- "Mark as read" option to monitor your Daily Text reading
- Option to adjust the screen brightness
- Option to Share text (with verses)
- Auto backup on sdcard for Favorites and "Mark as read" option
- Easy access to Yeartext 2015
- Full screen option
- Day/night mode
- 12 styles of widgets
- New customize widgets (Android 3.1+): resizable of height widget, ability to change a background color, text color, text size and ability to add widget on Lock Screen (Android 4.2+)
- Special view designed for tablets (pinned menu)

• English
• Bulgarian
• Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)
• Czech - Česky
• Danish - Dansk
• French - Français
• German - Deutsch
• Greek,
• Hungarian
• Italian - Italiano
• Japanese
• Korean
• Nederlands - Dutch
• Norwegian - Norsk
• Polish - Polski
• Portuguese - Português
• Russian - Русский
• Slovak
• Swedish
• Spanish
• Tagalog
• Turkish
• Ukrainian

* - active links for cited scriptures are not included in epub file (active links only for source articles)
^ - active links for part of cited scriptures (Christian Greek Scriptures) and source articles are included in epub file

Application requires Internet connection in order to download epub file from jw.org
This is not jw.org official app.
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