Now Gesture Tweaks v2.1

Now Gesture Tweaks v2.1

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Now Gesture Tweaks v2.1

This is Now Gesture Tweaks app. This app lets you replace the swipe up gesture (from the bottom of device) for activating Google Now with a custom action. This app can also work as a task killer and cache cleaner.
If you have root you can also take screenshots. This simple app supports material design (for Android 5.0 Lollipop and above versions) and holo design (for Android 4.4 Kitkat and previous versions).
You can also use a 1x1 widget in your homescreen for calling the command, if you don't want to use the gesture or if your devide doesn't support the gesture.
The app is available in english and italian (my language).
Refer to the video and screenshots for more informations.

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-launch a picker with all apps (then choose one to launch)
-launch a custom app
-launch a shortcut (open website, send message, call number..)
-take screenshot *requires root, otherwise the function is not visible*
-open camera
-kill background processes
-clean cache of all applications
-enable/disable automatic rotation
-enable/disable wifi (and, optionally, go to wifi settings)
-enable/disable bluetooth (and, optionally, go to bluetooth settings)
-enable/disable automatic brightness
-open notification drawer
-go to GPS settings
-do nothing

Optionally, a confirm popup can be displayed after executing commands (only where useful).

Other actions may be added in the future!

The app doesn't use battery because it gets activated only when the user execs the gesture and gets closed after the command is launched.

NOTE: the gesture for activating Google Now it's not the same in all devices. Mostly all devices with virtual keys (like nexus devices) can swipe up from the home button. Other devices activate google now with long-pressing the home button (or also back button or menu/multitasking button) or other. If you don't know what's he gesture for your device model, just search on google!

NOTE2: all the permissions of the app are required by Android for executing the various commands.

If you have any problem, contact me with a mail before leaving a bad review (I can only help you with mail).
You can contact me also for suggestions and requests.
Rate the app if you like it, it will be much appreciated :)

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Nickname on XDA-Developers and other forums: SpadaBoss

Enjoy Now Gesture Tweaks :D
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