Daily Expense Manager PRO v3.0.1

Daily Expense Manager PRO v3.0.1

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Daily Expense Manager PRO v3.0.1

DEM PRO or DAILY EXPENSE MANAGER PRO is one of the best ads free finance app in the smart phone market. Money, it is one of the most essential commodity of the modern world, without it even food the prime need is inaccessible to humans. Mostly people losses tracks of their incomes and expenses. Where did money come from and where it went? They fail to make proper budgetary plans due to unavailability of complete financial data. Thus, personal money management or personal finance management is one of the most important technique one should practice, to deal with his/her finance. Daily Expense Manager is the perfect app to keep track of one's financial efficiency. It is very easy to understand and the best way to record your data. Crossing over 1 million downloads in the different app stores(AMAZON STORE, GOOGLE PLAY STORE, SAMSUNG STORE & BLACKBERRY APPWORLD).

Daily expense manager is an app with multiple functionality.
* Password Protection to keep your data secure
* Automatic back-up to server on updation and on any change(add, edit or delete) of transactions(ensure a working internet connection for proper working of this feature
* Mailing option for data retrieval
* Know about the sources and amount of money you earn
* Keep track of your expenses
* Get reminders about payments to receive
* Segregate your incomes and expenses into different categories
* Save images of receipts
* Get an overview of your monetary resources and develop budgetary planing
* Remember debts to pay
* Pay EMIs in time(get notifications)
* Excellent UI, easy to understand and very efficient
* Control unwanted expenses
* Organize the different modes of receiving and making payments
* Remember perfect date of receiving or spending money
* Keep records of your financial transactions
* Export reports of your transactions
* View categorized transaction reports(date-wise, month-wise, category-wise, payment mode-wise and customized)
* Export categorized transaction reports in .xls format
* Additional widget for faster transaction entries
* Choose your native currency
* Customize categories to your choice
* Manage(edit/delete) default categories
* Hide/show categories
* Hide/show payment modes
* Export reports from different history screens for further evaluation
* Help manual for understanding the app
* Manage your payment mode(cash, credit card, debit card, pay-check etc.)
* Keep frequent manual back-ups{only Detailed(.csv) can be used in DEM}
* Daily auto-back-up at four in the morning
* Set notifications for any future transactions
* Keep track of recurring income or expenses without regular effort

DEM Directory- Using this feature you would be able to place online food orders, online recharges,
online cab bookings, online shopping and online ticket bookings for traveling. This feature would
help you save time by adding entries into the app on using the DEM directory to process online

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Download and start managing your financial records.
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