Audio Visualizer Pro v1.1

Audio Visualizer Pro v1.1

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Audio Visualizer Pro v1.1

Also includes Live Wallpaper version of the app!

MAY NOT WORK ON SOME DEVICES! Sorry! Please read below if you are having an issue with this app.

Display stunning visuals that perfectly complement your favorite songs!

Audio Visualizer takes the audio output of your Android Device (the music you're playing through your headphones, speakers, etc.) and turns it into cool visuals that respond to the volume and frequency of the sounds! It's perfect for having something to watch when you're listening to music, or for playing around with to find the perfect visual match to your favorite songs!

- Over 20 different types of visualizations
- Thousands of color possibilities, including custom colors
- Live wallpaper version of the app included
- Supports all types of audio output
- No ads

To use, just play the audio using your music app (or any other app that will continue playing audio in the background), navigate to this app, and choose how you want to see it!

PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE HAVING AN ISSUE GETTING IT TO WORK - Some audio players seem to not use the standard audio output, (This seems to be a problem with Galaxy phones and some other samsung models) and therefore do not work well with this app. I apologize if this is an issue for you. If you want to get the app to work, I suggest either using music off of the web, another music player app or something like Pandora. I am working on this issue, thank you for your patience.

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