Privy Chat for Facebook v1.39

Privy Chat for Facebook v1.39

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Privy Chat for Facebook v1.39

Privy Chat for Facebook is an application that lets you quickly read Facebook messages without marking them as "read". Owing to our chat, you are presented with the ability to comfortably check new messages without informing other users that you have read the received message. This convenience gives you the opportunity to take your time over a perfect reply. The app is easy to use as well as light-weight and takes up very little memory on your phone.

Our messenger also allows you to check the presence status of your friends without connecting with the chat and revealing your presence on Faceboook. The chat is open only to send the first message in a conversation - you can view the messages without worrying that you will show your presence on Facebook. At any time, you can also disconnect from it by selecting a proper option from the menu, or going to your conversation list.

Using this app makes your life easier as it allows you to enjoy stress-free conversations without having to knock together an immediate response. From now on, wherever you are, you can read all of your messages absolutely freely. Make your life easier right now!

- The current version of the app does not allow you to send messages in group conversation.
- If you have Facebook app installed on your phone, you can quickly open a chosen conversation in this application by selecting "Open thread in Facebook".
- Currently, does not allow to display some of the attachments via external applications, e.g. images attached to messages. This functionality is to be introduced in the near future.
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