Weak Control v2.0

Weak Control v2.0

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Weak Control v2.0

Connect a web browser to your Android phone or tablet and have fun.

в?… CAST your device screen in real time to a browser on your PC.
в?… WATCH full HD movies.
в?… PLAY favorite games.
в?… LISTEN to your music collection.
в?… CHAT with friends.
в?… WRITE a novel in any language.
в?… CONTROL your device with a keyboard and a mouse.
в?… ENJOY the power of your device like never before.

Cast your device screen onto a browser in glorious real time full HD. Play movies and games in butter smooth video and audio. Listen to favorite music from your device. Typing with the keyboard is easy and productive. Mouse gestures work the same as if you are touching the screen.

This version of Weak Control requires Android 4.4.x or Android 5.0 phone or tablet , ROOT permissions and supports Google Chrome Browser.

Check our website for more details and support


Superuser - this version requires root permissions
Internet - checks for license
Wifi statee - checks if wifi is on
Record audio - audio capture
License check - checks for license
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