Let's Raid v1.0

Let's Raid v1.0

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Let's Raid v1.0

In land of Romana, evil stirs... The world trembles before the might of the Black Legion and all that stands against it is... WHO CARES LET'S RAID!

A Turn-based tactical Combat game created for the The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment 2014

Engage in a variety of different missions, your objective is to fight the enemy and take their gold!


- 5 Different classes
Use 5 different classes! each with their own strengths and weaknesses

- Customize your army
Don't just send your warriors out and wait for them to come back, Take command and lead your warriors into explosive battles!

- Tactical Combat
Combat that can be both deep yet incredibly simple, Let's Raid offers tactical challenges that will keep you on the edge of your seat

- Unique heroes!
Your heroes aren't disposable, nameless faces. They have a name and level up individually. The more you use them the stronger they get, but be careful not to loose them as they will need time to heal.

- Local Multiplayer
Don't just fight against the Black Legion! Challenge your friend for the right to be the true chieftain in local hotseat multiplayer!


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