Image Blender Instafusion v3.0.3 build 24

Image Blender Instafusion v3.0.3 build 24

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Image Blender Instafusion v3.0.3 build 24

One of the best and unique photo Image blender apps in the store
Fully featured pro app with all features inclusive and no inapp paid add ons
Fusion is a smart Blender camera app that helps you to blend 2 photos and create stunning image collage creations with custom borders.
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A simple to use photo blend camera application that allows you to mix up photos and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Email after creating awesome border and captions

What's in the app -
5 Innovative Blending/Blend collage styles
в–¶ See Through
в–¶ Unistrip
в–¶ Lightmex
в–¶ Radial Blend
в–¶ Blend

How to use the app -
в–¶ First select 2 pictures/Image
в–¶ Take an image or access camera gallery
в–¶ Choose any of the amazing blending modes.
в–¶ Adjust your effect the way you like
в–¶ Save your image and see it via built-in gallery
в–¶ Auto save your masterpiece to built-in gallery when tap "Save to Camera Roll
в–¶ Share your photo collage creation in Instagram, Facebook, Mail and Twitter

What are these Image Blender Modes all about -
в–¶ See Through
Look in between snaps to find a new snap-art
Mix photo strips
в–¶ Lightmex
Play with various light mixtures
в–¶Radial Blend
Circular fusion of photos
Blend your pics with Default, Dodge, Hard, Linear & Difference fx

Don't be afraid to do something new -
в–¶ Fuse 2 camera pictures together
в–¶ Make a story out of an image
в–¶ Mix pics of your friends & family
в–¶ Blend faces
в–¶ Publish your collage image creations
в–¶ Show the world a new art with your camera
в–¶ Save into photo gallery
в–¶ Spread your photo creations in Twitter
в–¶ Beat other apps by trying out new collages

Sharing -
в–¶ Facebook
в–¶ Instagram
в–¶ Photo Gallery
в–¶ Mail
в–¶ Twitter
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