Secure VPN & WiFi protection v1.10

Secure VPN & WiFi protection v1.10

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Secure VPN & WiFi protection v1.10

Secure VPN is the best online privacy and security protection solution for your Android device!

Free Secure VPN app provides:

в?… Anonymous web surfing. Keep your identity, and location private from online trackers and websites.

в?… Access to the blocked web sites and content. Unblock your favorite websites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other) and VoIP services from everywhere in the world.

в?… Wi-Fi hotspot protection. Keep your data safe while you're using public wi-fi hitspot.

в?… Encrypt your connection. Securely protect your private data from hackers and snoops.

в?… Geo IP switch. Choose any location and switch your IP address in seconds.

в?… We don't put your activity to the log files.

в?… Enjoy Unlimited bandwitch for FREE!
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