Typewriter Button Icon Pack v1.0.0

Typewriter Button Icon Pack v1.0.0

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Typewriter Button Icon Pack v1.0.0

If you want a relaxing look for your homescreen get this icon pack for your favourite launcher!

It will make every icon like an old typewriter button! With all the scratches and blur effect like if it was used for decades!
We believe vintage style is still alive and it can be as good as a glowy futuristic theme !
We made this icon pack basically black and white but we tried also to keep it colored with some icons original color scheme, tell us if you like it or we got to drop this idea !
We made also some background wallpaper to match the style the way we liked most.


Compatible with :
ADW Launcher
Smart Launcher

and soon some more! We're constantly upgrading it!

How To Set It :

Method 1 : Using our app in the main page you can see an "Apply" button,click it and then choose your launcher from the list!

Method 2 : From the launcher settings go to the Icon management section and choose our package!

Just try it and if you encounter problems shoot us a mail ! We'll be happy to solve it!

If you have suggestions don't hesitate and write !!
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