Dead Lands Reclaim Free v1.13

Dead Lands Reclaim Free v1.13

Rating: 9
Dead Lands Reclaim Free v1.13

Return land to humanity that was seized by dark forces during the zombie apocalypse! "Dead Lands Reclaim" is a strategy game in the Tower Defense genre. Reclaim dead lands seized during zombie apocalypse, allow mankind to settle them and regain the world. Win new lands and defend your castle to advance through the game. Kill all the zombies and defeat the great zombie lord. Manage 4 types of towers, which burn, blow up, and shoot lightning and acid at opponents. The game has 40 perfectly balanced levels. You can play each level in three modes: easy, normal and difficult. You can play each level in cooperative mode with another real player or the computer. Each level can be played in endless mode, and you will receive an additional award for each wave that is defeated. Boost the skills of your friends and assign them to command towers. The towers will be more effective with your friends controlling them.

Please note: you can play the game "Dead Lands" absolutely for free. You do not have to pay to play. However, in the game you can buy gold coins and crystals for real money. You can spend it in order to speed up research, to gain power-ups and to rapidly upgrade towers during the battle. You can disable the ability to spend real money in the game from your phone’s settings.

Warning! The game contains scenes of fantasy violence and images of zombies, shootings and killing. The game is not recommended for users under the age of 13.

- 40 unique levels
- 4 difficulty levels for each level
- Endless mode for every level with an award for each defeated wave of zombies
- 50 different awards
- Boost the skills of your friends, and they can effectively take control of towers and defend your castle
- 4 types of towers with 20 levels of upgrades
- Ability to use advanced power-ups to improve your castle
- 10 types of zombies with various weapons
- Choose a variety of strategies to protect your castle
- Ability to save the best towers for use in the next battle

The paid version has no ads, and research is completed instantly.

We have tried to please all fans of Tower Defense games. Send us your feedback so that we make the game better. We are constantly working on updates.
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