Elementary Icon Pack v2.1

Elementary Icon Pack v2.1

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Elementary Icon Pack v2.1

Icon Pack Features:

1100+ painstakingly designed on a 192x192px canvas
Each icon is made from crisp vectors, allowing you to scale these icons fully up to 130% Go crazy!!
50+ wallpapers to match virtually any setup
Wallpapers stored in the cloud for less storage space and instant updates by me.
Icon Mask including 12 random icon backs to help match your unthemed icons
Live Day Calendar Support(currently available with Nova Launcher only)
Quickly apply your icons via a standalone, Material Design inspired, dashboard app
Icon request tool to skin your missing icons
Categorized Preview section of the app to let you see recently added, games, google, system icons, and more
Numerous alt and extra icons to truly make your setup unique
***Weekly updates to start, then bi-weekly/monthly updates after***

Launchers Supported:
*Go(switch off "icon mask" in Preferences)
**Unicon and Beautiful Icon Styler apps should work with stock launchers with this app**

Credits to Subhajit Deb and Matt Fidoe for help with the dashboard.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, and I will respond accordingly.

****There is a bug with apex launcher that Elementary doesn't show up to install. I am aware and it will be fixed within 2 days. Thanks for your patience.****

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