Dark Cartoons - CM12 v1.4

Dark Cartoons - CM12 v1.4

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Dark Cartoons - CM12 v1.4

Please read it :)
Answer for some error.

Q: Great theme but... Could you did the font for the lock screen.... The time shows like 9024 instead of 9:24
A: This is a bug with all CM12 theme engine fonts for now. It's a limitation and not a bug with the theme

Q:Needs to fix The colour of the text and background doesn't match here and there, it makes hard to read the text. Also, I dont like the font.

A:You don't have to activate all aspects of the theme. All fonts available for CM12 theme engine have problems displaying emoji and lockscreen clock. Fonts were just a testing phase.

Q:My notification panel is not themed Any solution?
A: This is a bug with CM12 theme engine which requires you to wipe your data on your phone through recovery. It's not a bug with my theme but a bug with CM12 Theme Engine in general.

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