Dark Holo CM12 Theme v1.4

Dark Holo CM12 Theme v1.4

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Dark Holo CM12 Theme v1.4

•ROM must be on the 29th nightly or beyond for settings to be themed correctly. Go to the XDA thread and use v1.2.1 until you can update.
•If you do not see the theme in the Theme Chooser app, go to the menu and select Styles. You will see it there. This is a bug within the Theme Engine.
•If you are having any trouble with installing, applying theme, or SystemUI force closing, please set SELinux to permissive. This has fixed the issue for most people. This is a bug within CM12's Theme Engine and should be fixed soon.

This theme is ONLY for rooted phones running a custom CM12 based ROM with the new Theme Chooser Engine
Please make sure you are running the latest version of your ROM to avoid issues.

•Clean UI
•UI and other apps themed black with Holo Blue accents
•Apps themed with extreme detail
•Could possibly save battery life on devices with AMOLED screens
•Dark boot animation

Install Instructions
•After download, apply the theme in the Theme Chooser app.
•Restart phone and/or SystemUI to see all the changes take effect.

Themed Apps
•System UI
•Google Keyboard (Select Material Dark in settings)
•Stock Messaging
•Google Play Music
•Google Play Store
•Google Voice
•Eleven (Stock Music Player)
•AOSP Keyboard (Select Material Dark in settings)
•ES File Explorer (Go into the app's theme settings, select the default theme, and change the background color if it does not change for you.)
•Google App
•CM Updater
•Stock Email
•Package Installer
•Trebuchet Launcher
•Google Now Launcher

Please note that more apps will be added on a regular basis.

XDA Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/themes/theme-dark-holo-theme-v1-0-01-25-15-t3012227

•If you are running the latest version of your ROM and are still having issues, please send me an email and I will do my best to address the issue.
•If a themed app that has previously worked fine, begins to force close, it was likely updated with a new design by the app’s developers. An update to this theme will soon roll out removing the app until fixes have been made.
•If any part of the UI begins to bug out (e.g. System UI force closing), restart your phone. Most of the time, this fixes the issue.
•Some, although very few, sections of an app may be hard to read due to text color issues. Unfortunately, these issues are unfixable. But fortunately, these issues have been minimized and should not affect daily use.
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