Calendar Notify v1.1.22

Calendar Notify v1.1.22

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Calendar Notify v1.1.22

Calendar Notify displays your Calendar events and agenda in the notification drawer and the lock screen on Android Lollipop, using a beautiful design that's both visually pleasing and highly functional. You'll have quick access to your agenda from anywhere on your device.

You can customize the design and choose between multiple layouts that display your agenda details at a glance.

Some standout features include:

в?… Intelligent sorting
Pushes all-day events below timed events so that the next upcoming event is always first to display.

в?… Prioritize position
Set the priority of Calendar Notify to influence where the notification appears, relative to other notifications.

в?… Clutter free
Automatically hides the notification when there are no upcoming events.

в?… Quick access
Tap an event to open your calendar application and immediately display the event.

в?… Lollipop ready
Perfectly themed to look fantastic on Android 4.1 up to 5.0, including the Lollipop lock screen.

в?… Ultimate control
Choose which calendars Calendar Notify should display for you so only events you care about are tracked.

в?… Widget support
Can be used on your home screen and other widget apps, as well as the Android 4.2+ lock screen.

в?… And more!
Up to 7 events displayed at once
Natural language informs when an event will start or end
Event Colors can be used to decorate the events
Simple filtering options to only see events that you are truly interested in

в?… Premium Edition features
Hide the date icon in the notification drawer to give more space for the event details
Type of icons selection. Possibilities are: Day of the month, Number of appointments for today, Time in hours till next appointment, Next appointment day of the month and Invisible
Toggle event end time
Toggle event duration

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