Tweaks Master v1.0.2

Tweaks Master v1.0.2

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Tweaks Master v1.0.2

“ Master Tweaks ”

Simple, Fast and Accurate

в?… Tweaks Master is the world's most important app to optimize, Speed, Boost the devices to Maximum with Amazing Battery life.

в?… The Easiest way to Tweak your phone to Maximum performance with Improved Battery life..

в?… The App Designed to help you to reclaim the Speed, Storage, Boost CPU, Boost CPU, Boost GPU, Enhance Speed, Stop the Over-Heating.

Features of Tweaks Master

в–є CPU Tweaks

Improve the CPU Performance to the Maximum and Enjoy the experience..

CPU Tweaks (Requires Rooting & Busy Box - keep your CPU Fast, Faster & Faster ).

в–є Games Tweaks

Improved the GPU Performance & Graphics, the Gaming experience will be amazing..

Game Tweaks need recovery to update..

в–є Sound Tweaks

Improve the Sound as you needed and Enjoy the experience..

Sound Tweaks ( 5 Band Equalizer to improve the sound quality )

в–є Storage & RAM Memory Tweaks

Improve the Nand Performance to the Maximum and Enjoy the experience..

Storage & RAM Memory Tweaks (Requires Rooting - Keep the Ram clean & fast - Improve the Memory speed and clean and Junks)

в–є Performance Tweaks

Improve the Complete Device Performance to the Maximum and Enjoy the experience..

Performance Tweaks (365 Fast, Once you updated check with any Benchmark your will come to know the result )

в–є Sensors Test

Test what all Sensors you got & how fast the sensors are working..

Any doubt feel free to ask me - We are always online over Hangout, We provide maximum live support for Users .
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